The POEA Online Processing System for Balik-Manggagawa (POPSBaM) is the system that replaces the previous BM Online Processing system. POPSBaM is an online processing platform provided to BM worker (vacationing/returning workers) for their documentary processing relative to their employment overseas. By accessing this website, the BM worker will be guided on how to avail of POPSBaM, which includes choosing their preferred date and time to secure the required Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) at the POEA and its regional offices all over the Philippines.


Starting July 2021, the new system can be accessed at:


An OEC serves as an exit permit and proof of the documentation of an OFW and should be presented to immigration authorities at Philippine airports and to other government agencies to avail of all the incentives and exemptions being afforded to OFWs, such as airport fees and travel tax payment exemptions, exemption from payment of income tax among others.


The OEC, which will be issued to those who have been required to schedule an appointment with the POEA or any of its regional offices, will reflect key employment details and the amount of the processing fee paid by the worker.


Issuance of OECs at Philippine airports:

The POEA may issue an OEC through the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) stationed at the airports, but only to returning workers who are on special/emergency leave for one (1) week or less in the Philippines and those with expiring visa within the next seven (7) days. The LAC shall also issue OECs to airline cabin crews/flight attendants. The LAC may issue OECs manually in emergency cases.


How to Acquire an OEC Exemption:

Returning workers who are going back to the same employer and jobsite can avail of an OEC exemption without the need for a physical appearance at the POEA or to any of its regional offices and without having to pay the processing fee.


By using their registered email and password to log in to their e-Registration account, the workers will be able to access the POPS-BaM and will be guided on how to avail of the OEC exemption.


Workers who were able to secure the OEC exemption can directly proceed to the airports for their final departure formalities.


Returning workers with OEC exemptions must still see to it that their employment contracts, whether POLO-verified or not, are always with them and readily available for evaluation by relevant government agencies if the need for it arises.


Please refer to POEA Memorandum Circular No. 24, Series of 2021 for complete information or watch this video.

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