The Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), also known as exit clearance/pass, is a document certifying the regularity of recruitment and documentation of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW). It is presented to the immigration officer at the airport of exit in the Philippines. The OEC is issued thru the BM Online Processing System. An OFW applying for OEC should register in the system. Registration in the system requires an active e-mail address. To register, please go to The web page of the BM Online System displays the steps on how to use the online facility.

Upon registration, the system will indicate if the OFW is exempted from securing an OEC. If the OFW is (1) returning to the same employer; (2) returning to the same job site; and (3) has record in the POEA database, the system will display a confirmation message indicating that he/she is exempted from securing an OEC and payment of processing fee.

If the OFW is not exempted, the system will redirect him/her to the Appointment Page. The appointment system is a built-in feature of the BM Online Processing System for the following: (1) OFW with no POEA record or with discrepancy in his/her POEA record; (2) OFW who left as undocumented worker (e.g., tourist, dependent, student, etc.); (3) OFW who changed employer and/or jobsite; (4) OFW or his/her employer who is under watchlist; (5) OFW is returning to restricted country (i.e., where the Philippine government is enforcing deployment ban); and (6) OFW who is a former sea-based worker.

A worker who is not exempted and redirected to the Appointment Page and is still in the United States or in any of the Caribbean countries/territories at the time of registration, may schedule an appointment with POLO-Americas: Washington, D.C. The scheduled appointment will allow POLO-Washington, D.C. to process the worker’s OEC. It is not necessary for the worker to appear personally at POLO-Washington, DC at the scheduled appointment. The worker, however, should mail to POLO-Washington, D.C. the following requirements: (1) signed copy of the BM Information Sheet generated by the system upon successful appointment; (2) POLO-verified employment contract; (3) copy of passport; (4) copy of work permit/visa or Notice of Action; (5) self-addressed/stamped/prepaid return envelope; and (6) payment of fees in US Money Order or US Bank Draft. These requirements should be received by POLO-Washington, DC before the scheduled appointment.

The schedule of fees are as follows: US$2 for OEC processing fee; US$10 for employment contract verification fee (this fee is required only if the employment contract has not been verified yet by POLO-Washington, D.C.); US$25 for OWWA membership fee (this fee is required only if the worker’s OWWA membership is already expired). Payment for OEC and verification fees should be made payable to the “Embassy of the Philippines” while payment for OWWA should be made payable to “OWWA”. Personal check or credit/debit card payment cannot be accepted.

The above-mentioned requirements should be mailed to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), Embassy of the Philippines, 1600 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, D.C., 20036. For inquiries, please contact +1-202-467-9426 or +1-202-887-5830 or email

Once the OEC is processed, an e-mail will be sent to the worker confirming that his/her OEC is ready for printing. To print the OEC, the worker should log on to his/her BM Online Processing System account and click “Print OEC” under the “My Transaction Page”. Please note that the OEC is valid only for 60 days starting from the date of its issuance.