POLO-WDC upholds its commitment to establish and enforce protective mechanisms, collaborate with Filipino communities, and coordinate with host countries as our means of promoting and protecting the welfare of OFWs in the United States and the Caribbean Islands. We affirm this mission as we celebrate Migrant Workers’ Day today, June 7, 2021. In 2019, POLO-WDC and the Philippine Embassy mounted its first one stop shop mostly for our workers in the United States featuring the services of OWWA, SSS, Land Bank and Pag-IBIG. Last year, we dedicated the whole month of June for a sustained, intensified advocacy campaign on the Reintegration services and programs of the Philippine government in the light of the massive temporary and permanent displacement of our OFWs because of the pandemic. For this year’s celebration, POLO-WDC has embarked on its first ever Virtual One Stop Shop for our OFWs in the Caribbean Islands as our way of showing that the Philippine Government shall continually Reach Out to Deliver services for You. Representatives from various government agencies with social protection programs specifically Pag-IBIG, PhilHealth, Social Security System and the Overseas Filipino Bank shall be present to attend to the personal concerns of our OFWS. The following are the schedules, to wit:

6 June 2021 – British Virgin Islands
12 June 2021 – Cayman Islands
19 June 2021 – Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica
20 June 2021 – Bermuda
26 June 2021 – Bahamas and St. Kitts
27 June 2021 – Turks and Caicos

Truly, this year’s theme “Salamat sa Tibay, Galing at Malasakit mo, Kabayan” is apt as we give tribute to our OFWs who are instrumental in the crafting of mechanisms establishing standards for recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers overseas. Their stories and experiences, especially the unfortunate and fateful ones, practically paved the enactment of the Migrant Workers’ Act of 1995. It is right and just to salute our OFWs for collectively asserting their labor rights including their right to labor mobility. MABUHAY ANG OFWS! Mula sa POLO-WDC, mainit na pagpupugay po!