We are OFW: Ang Mga Makabagong Bayani (OFWAMMB), an advocacy group founded and established with our mission to honour; enrich, empower, and educate our modern-day heroes, our OFWs and our vision that for every OFW, live life in all its fullness; Our ardent prayer for every heart, the will to make it so. We started out as less than 80 two months ago with the aim of helping out colleagues in following up their AKAP claims till word came out of the group’s deed and now, we are at almost 15k and growing. OFWAMMB strives to uplift its members morale and give them that sense of hope and inspiration that there’s life beyond this pandemic though none was even prepared and was caught off guard by it. Not only does OFWAMMB helps its members for their AKAP follow-ups, it also provides programs and livelihood projects custom tailored for its members focusing on mental health and well being.

We are seeking partnerships from different organizations to join us in providing the much needed help and support for our OFWs who are so distressed at the moment as to how they will be able to fend for their families and loved ones to survive. At the moment, we are in partnership with UGAT Foundation, Dagaz HR Consultancy and Recruitment, Apostleship of the Seas USA, NATCCO, Blas Ople Policy Center and Training Institute, DTI, NRCO, Friends Peace Teams, POLO Washington DC, Philippine Consular Office in Washington DC, OWWA Washington DC, and individuals who professed their support in our group and a host of other institutions and organizations that we are still finalizing the partnership.

At OFWAMMB, we make sure all are taken cared of, needs met to the best that we can through our partners, informed through our different channels and empowered to be better OFWs and proactively being part by being a substantial change to their families, communities, societies, country and the world. A different breed of OFWs we are, the OFWAMMB family.


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Website: https://www.ofwammb.com/

Group email: info@ofwammb.com

WhatsApp: +15612295605

Philippine Number/ Viber: +63 956 354 7699


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