According to the 2016 Revised POEA Rules and Regulations Governing the Recruitment and Employment of Seafarers (2016 POEA Rules on Seafarers) of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), only duly license manning agencies may file an application for ACCREDITATION of the principal employer and enrolment of the ship.


The POEA shall accredit principals/employers. The following rules shall govern:


  1. All documents for accreditation shall be verified by the POLO.
  2. In the absence of the POLO, the documents shall be duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/consulate which has jurisdiction over the jobsite.
  3. In cases where there is no Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the jobsite, the principal/employer may submit the documents to the POEA for attestation.
  4. The accreditation shall be valid for four (4) years.
  5. Principal/employer shall enroll at least one (1) ship through their licensed manning agencies.
  6. Renewal of Accreditation may be done at the request of the principal/employer or licensed recruitment agency and upon submission of documents listed in the2016 POEA Rules on Seafarers.
  7. Multiple Accreditation of Principal/Employer – A principal/employer may be accredited to a maximum of with three (3) licensed manning agencies.
  8. A ship shall be enrolled to only one (1) principal/employer and licensed manning agency except in cases involving special types/operations of ship.
  9. The accreditation of a principal/employer and enrolment of ship may be transferred to another licensed manning agency, provide, that:
  • No diminution of wages and benefits of the seafarer hired through the previous agency
  • The transferee agency shall execute an Affidavit of Assumption of Responsibility over contractual obligations.


For complete rules and procedures, please refer to the 2016 POEA Rules on Seafarers.


Accreditation of Principal/Employer for Recruitment of Sea-Based Workers
Procedure Requirements
1.     All Principal/Employer/s seeking to hire sea-based workers from the Philippines must hire them through a licensed Philippine Manning Agency (PMA). Please visit the POEA website to get a complete list of licensed PMAs.


2.     Submit a complete set of requirements to the POLO-WDC by sending original copies at:


POLO-WDC Mailing Address:

Philippine Overseas Labor Office

Embassy of the Philippines

1617 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Washington DC, USA 20036


Please take note that the Philippine Embassy’s state is the District of Columbia (DC) and NOT WASHINGTON (WA).


3.     Upon receipt of the documents, the POLO-WDC will check the completeness of the documents.


4.     The process of accreditation shall include Pre-Accreditation Zoom meeting if said employer/s will be hiring Filipino workers coming from the Philippines for the first time.


5.     Within five working days from the submission of all documents and after the pre-accreditation virtual meeting, POLO-WDC shall act on the application/request for accreditation, and which action may either be an indorsement or outright denial.


6.     Our staff will send a communication by email to inform the representative of the employer/s once the documents have qualified for POLO verification.


7.     The employer will pay the Verification Fee made payable to “Labor Office” or “Office of the Labor Attache” in the amount of US$140.00 via:

FR US: US Postal Money Order

FR ISLANDS: US Bank Draft for island banks with a US Bank Counterpart


8.     POLO verified documents will be released through courier either to the foreign employer/company or to the PMA. POLO-WDC is currently using the services of FedEx.


If the employer has a FedEx account, prepare an electronic FedEx shipping form, sample:


Sender: Name of the FedEx account holder

(Do not put POLO-WDC as the sender)

Address: The Philippine Embassy

1617 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Washington DC, USA 20036


If the employer has no FedEx account, please go to the FedEx website, determine the cost by typing the Philippine embassy address as the shipping address and the employee or PRA’s address as the recipient. Then make payment payable to “FedEx” via:

FR US: US Postal Money Order

FR ISLANDS: US Bank Draft for island banks with a US Bank Counterpart


We will not accept shipping labels acquired/prepaid directly from FedEx stores using the old FedEx hand-written form.


9.     The PMA will file the POLO verified documents with the POEA for approval of accreditation.


For any concerns regarding this process, send an email to


1.     [Template from PRA] Job Order from Principal/Employer to MPA – indicating the positions, the number of positions required and salary per position

2.     [Template from PRA] Special Power of Attorney from Principal/Employer to PMA

3.     [Template from PRA] Manning Agreement between Principal/Employer and MPA

4.     [Template from PRA] Contingency Plan

5.     [Template from PRA] Master Employment Contract

6.     Copy of Principal/Employer’s valid commercial registration and business license of the principal issued and authenticated by the chamber of commerce or a relevant government office

7.     Vessel Particulars

8.     Vessel Registry

9.     Vessel Crew Complements

10.   Affidavit of Employer on COVID-19 – notarized

11.   Secretary’s Certificate OR Authorization of the person signing for and on behalf of the client – notarized

12.   Copy of Official/Valid ID of Signatory

13.   Business/Employers Information Card

14.   PMA’s Escrow Certificate

15.   Vessel Insurance coverage